A blog about real love poems, letters, and notes that I've written to my girlfriend.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Sicky sick :(

My girlfriend is sick today, so I decided to be the good boyfriend that I am and write her a get well soon card. Here is what it said:

Please get better soon my dear! I hate so much when you're sick,
because I either have to eat shitty soup, or make my own food :(

Get well soon!

I then proceeded to draw her a picture of a landscape with a shining sun, trees, and flowers, and in the center of it all I drew her, serving me a cheeseburger.

I hope all my readers feel my pain this day, and I'll update you all soon on my condition. I'm getting very hungry, but hopefully I can pull through. I only ask of you all to pray for me during this trying time.


  1. haha your website is pretty cute, liking the funny poetry

  2. So true, so true. I hate soup as well >.<

  3. Thank you... it's becoming very hard to type, as I am slowly wasting away into nothingness. All I've had in the past 16 hours is a bowl of chicken soup.

    I'm glad you agree with me, Tatsu. Please keep me in your prayers.

    Sick girlfriends are the WORST!

  4. cute pic also gave my a new regarding relationships.

  5. Great post man! I lol'd significantly at the picture you said you drew her. MMMmm cheeseburger...

  6. tell her to drink a spoon full of sugar, it makes the medicine go down

  7. I thought the poem was a little much...but it's a good one...

  8. "You better get sex out of it."
    Haha! I liked it tho :)

  9. funny stuff and great poem! Keep it up!

  10. LOLOLOL !! One of the funniest reads today... I hope you aren't going to starve dude !! Also, your GF better was serving you the cheeseburger in a sexy bunny costume in the mentioned drawing...