A blog about real love poems, letters, and notes that I've written to my girlfriend.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Too Much Makeup

Here is a poem I dug out of a drawer today, which my girlfriend happened to love enough to keep.

Though lovely you are, for this is certian
There is but one thing that acts as a curtain
Shading my love from entering your face, 
You wear too much makeup
In this I find much distaste

Your cheeks, oddly rosy
I am stricken with dread!
Are you ill? Do you ail?
Should we find you a bed?

Those eyes, like raccoons,
They pierce into my soul
Ringed with such darkness
Its as if you cry coal!

All over my pillows
You smear blue, black and brown
Get the fuck out of here
You dirty faced clown!

Shortly after I gave her this poem, she stopped looking like a cracked out geisha

and started looking more like a normal person. Of course, I'm not trying to say makeup is a BAD thing. I am simply of the opinion that some girls just don't need makeup, and look better (read: natural beauty) without it. My girlfriend happens to be one of those lucky few, which I am eternally thankful for. I guess that makes me pretty lucky, too. ;)


  1. Geisha is traditional so understandable, but there is far too much makeup on girls today <3

    haahahhaha, i love the ending, she took that well? :)

    Here, have some love <3

  2. tehee... i know exactly what you mean by that


  3. I always wanted to go to japan, but i've never been into makup :3

  4. i hear ya sethisto, kinda strange ;0

    showin my support, come do the same! I'm trying to get more followers for my SC2 blog about the zerg


  5. I'm glad to see you're beating inertia today.

  6. hmm, sure is a long way of saying 'you wear too much make up'

  7. your posts keep getting better and better!

  8. Sweet blog!
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  9. It's true. Make-up should be used lightly to highlight and add a bit of color. That and excessive make-up supposedly gives you wrinkles.

  10. Make up make some girls look cool despite they are natural beauties

  11. thats a cool poem, i love how it flows in my head and has an A,A,B,C,B pattern! It really stood out to me in terms of poetic relevance!

  12. This is the best dude. We gotta get high sometime.

  13. Awesome Poem, you have some talent here!

  14. I love the dry humor. Keep it coming!