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Friday, November 12, 2010

Check Out Blogwave!

It seems that a few of our fellow bloggers have started a little project that, I think, is really kind of cool. They basically get on skype and record themselves circle-jerking eachother. Sounds lame right?


They are actually full of helpful tips and tricks to keep your blog in the now. It's a much funner way to learn about blogging and other helpful websites as if it came up in casual conversation, which is exactly what this is.

They also take the time to talk about other interesting blogs out there right now, including.... mine! No surprise there.

Here's a little snippet:

The voice that you probably already recognize (the lovely British lad) is Rats, of RatsRunThisTown, The older Canadian sounding fellow is Frosty of Frosted Heretic, and then there's the voice of the average nerd, the host, Snickelsox of Average Joe Gaming.

I highly suggest you check these guys out. This is the makings of a great community of which you could (even unknowingly, in my case) become a big part of. At the very least, its a good soundtrack to play in the background as you blog.


  1. interesting stuff, I'll check back tomorrow

  2. Awh you :3

    BTW, the host, the american is SnickelSox of http://averagejogaming.blogspot.com/

    Not Wild Bill. So that needs just a little correction :p

    But thanks very much for the plug!

  3. thats really interesting to know!thanks for sharing

  4. Rats is still alive? I used to follow him but then I lost track of where he was.

    Good to see he's still around.

  5. Corrected. Dunno where I got that info, but then who is wild bill?!

  6. I like to listen to electronic music in the background. But I will give your soundtrack a try, I downloaded it the other day but forgot about it. lol. oops.

  7. Again ILU, I Love YOU for the plug and advertising :D

    Remember to FOLLOW the podcast page guys :)


    Be cool if you could include that link in your post :3

  8. ill be back to see what you have tomorrow :D

  9. There's a big thank you coming in the next podcast, dude! Thanks for the plug!

  10. Thought it was Rats!! I guess there are a few good pointers mentioned..

  11. I'll check out blogwave thanks

  12. Seems like a cool thing for the community; i'll definately check it out later.

  13. Dear ILUbitch

    Thanks for the plug, you rock more than words express.

  14. Nice one, good for people like me who're fairly new to this =)