A blog about real love poems, letters, and notes that I've written to my girlfriend.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Help, I have writer's block!

So, I was just about to put up a new poll asking you all what I think I should focus on for my next post, when I realized, hey! Why give you a set list of options when, clearly, you all are so much more creative than me. So this is a open question:


I will read through your suggestions and, when I feel one of you has captured the essence of this blog in a hilarious and interesting way, I will make my next post about whatever you suggest!

I reserve the right to alter, improve, and otherwise steal your idea as my own.

I love you guys, now let's see some creativity!


  1. Yay, you are still alive!

    Umm I want to hear more stuff you do for your gf. or make her do something for you. or make her hottest best friend do something for the both of you. ^.^

  2. I'll wait for your next post and see what u decided to write about :)

  3. Haha oh you flirt ;D And well you're welcome as a guest man!
    Hope you enjoyed us discussing your blog :)

  4. mate just go for a walk, take some fresh air, have an ice cold beer watching the sunset... inspiration will came at you

  5. Hey. I'm an awful writer, so I don't have any ideas. Just wanted to say thanks for supporting my blog though. :)

  6. Cats are always interesting to blurb about...