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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who wants to make some extra money?

 So, here's the deal guys. You all have given me such great input and suggestions that I feel that I must share this goldmine with you: http://www.neobux.com/?r=Flippydoo

I know a lot of you are probably jobless like me, and in need of some extra money. We all know that those shitty online "MAKE $$$ FAST" programs either don't work or attempt to give you spywares.

NEOBUX is amazing and doesn't require you to do anything but sign up and click a button 4 times each day, which takes up a grand total of 120 seconds of your not-so-valuable time. In less than four months I've already earned $230, with absolutely ZERO investment.

This is known as a PTC or Paid-To-Click site, which, quite honestly are a dime a dozen. Neobux, however, is by far the cleanest, simplest, best supported, most trusted, highest paying of them all.

If you're interested, please sign up with my referral link or banners above.

Using that link helps me greatly by crediting my account for referring you, which you can then turn around and do yourself by posting your own link once your account has been active for a while. By referring people, you are also granted 1 cent every time they click, which is really what makes this website shine.

I'm sure you'll be skeptic like I was at first... but if you check out the "success stories" and "payment proof" sections on their forums, you'll see just how much you can potentially get paid in the long run. There are people who have been paid over $10,000 through this site (not like YOU will be making that much, but it's possible). No other PTC site in the world can claim to provide such a high payout.

The best part is that you can also "rent" referrals, which are people who have signed up without using anyone's referral link. You can use the money that you've already generated by clicking to do this. You can start renting for as low as $0.75, which will give you 3 referrals for 30 days with the option to extend the rental period once you see how they perform. These are all guaranteed to be active clickers and are automatically recycled for free if they aren't. I recommend saving up til you reach $2.50 in order to rent 10 referrals. The more money you put back in to rent more and more referrals, the faster your money begins to exponentially increase. It's incredibly simple and extremely profitable for all.

tl;dr - Use my link to sign up to awesome free website to make some easy extra spending dollars. Requires little patience and no investment. So why not do it?!

P.S. Another decent PTC Site I use is Ayuwage. Ayuwage is similar, and good to use in conjunction with Neobux, but to be honest Neobux is really all you need. :]


  1. Hmm neat-o!
    I personally use Mechanical Turk when I need some cash (i.e. I see a book on Amazon I want to buy).

    I suppose if you have made $230, thats only 120 days times 2 minutes per day, thats 4 hours of work for $230.

    Pretty good deal, I might check it out and I will use your link if I do!

  2. you've got some very interesting thoughts

  3. Hmm, nice info and I might even give this a try !!

  4. looking forward to your next update

  5. woah thats good stuff, i gatta look into this thanks

  6. Neobux requires A LOT of effort which I feel is not worth it. The amount of time that the high earners in Neobux spent seems too much compared to the pay.

  7. For the high earners, yes, the time investment is extremely high, as Neobux has become like a job to them. For us standard users, however, the daily amount of time it requires is less than 2 minutes. Granted, it takes about a month to start seeing significant numbers, but for 2 minutes a day, the money you make feels practically free.

  8. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  9. nice tip, i'll look into it

    check me out


  10. Mechanical Turk allows you to either turn the cash into Amazon gift cards, or have it be directly deposited into your bank account. I only made about $4 an hour doing it the past few months. I've made over $100 but havent really spent much time on it- sometimes there just arent enough surveys for you to fill out.